Arcangelo Sassolino

Critical Mass
May 2 - June 29
Vernissage on May 1


FEINKOST is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition in Germany of Italian artist Arcangelo Sassolino. The exhibition, entitled “Critical Mass”, is comprised of works that challenge their materials and the extreme forces they create or resist. This presentation coincides with the artist’s upcoming project occurring at Palais de Tokyo in late May.
Arcangelo Sassolino lives and works in Vicenza, Italy. His practice embraces fields ranging from engineering, mechanics and physics entwined in a bricoleur’s desire to invent sophisticated alternatives. Designing inspiringly destructive intersections between figure, ground, mass and potential energies, Sassolino furthers anxieties of weight and measure invoked by artists from the Sixties and Seventies. Through very direct confrontations between audience and object, his projects reveal various states of physical and psychological reaction that stress the vulnerable conditions by which we’re constantly surrounded.
Aphasia II, 2008, is a portrait of architecture and spatial containment filtered through a process of potential energies and engineering. With the help of patents and engineers the artist has safely and effectively compressed the world onto a pinhead -- or at least 21 cubic meters permanently sealed into a 500 kilogram sphere of steel. And where Duchamp bottled an ampoule of Parisian air, Sassolino is working on ways to bottle the physical space of an arrondisement. Combining the theory and technology typically used in harnessing the earth’s natural gases, Sassolino collaborated closely with a company who produces much of the world’s piping infrastructure and has here helped to make a unique object. Also included in the exhibition are technical drawings detailing the structure’s anatomy.
Untitled, 2008, incorporates a high-power hydraulic piston, dismembered from its typical source anatomy as a bulldozer scoop. The cylindrical tip of its extendable arm is pressed firmly into the center of a large rectangular block of wood. Triggered by the viewer’s presence, this kinetic work asks us to participate in violent destruction through tons of slowly administered force. The otherwise cubic wooden form goes soft and begins to bend. One by one long splinters burst free like sharp talons of structural exhaustion. You have no choice but to stay close and watch as your presence now carries the pylon to its end.
Arcangelo Sassolino’s work is currently on view in a group exhibition at Haus Konstructiv in Zurich until May 4 and then at Palais de Tokyo from May 29 to August 24, 2008.
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